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Cake, Brownies, Fudge – Avocado Desserts

‘Audrie & Daisy’ Last Year’s Documentary is Still Very Relevant One Year Later

The boys I loved and how I learned to be wary of strange men

Boundaries and Personal Responsibility

What the ‘Fearless Girl’ statue and Harvey Weinstein have in common

Defining the problem of Sexism & Harassment

Amidst the furore and the frenzy: Sexism & Harassment

I remember you and your plump pies…

Introduction to Asanas – 5 Yoga Poses Infographic

Love Yourself Like Your Life…

Ashtanga is it a yoga practice style or 8 limbs towards a purposeful life?

Displaced Coal Miners Turn to Beekeeping

Open the gates! Allow the Force to Flow

When cities were Nature’s haven: a tale from Bangalore

Yoga an endless list of styles, the list goes on and on and on…

“On Gram”

Men Speak Up

The C Word, It’s not what you think: Language, the crone & the cougar

Yin Yoga and a Vinyasa Flow

WTF? is up with Upskirting

Precious Plastic: Who Would’ve Thunk It?

Polluted Water Popsicles


Cake, Brownies, Fudge – Avocado Desserts

3 Holiday Sweet Treats with a Twist

Cake Brownies Fudge, sounds like a variation on Rock Paper Scissors or maybe a new bestselling card game for food lovers. It's not. Three sweet treats, three recipes that include avocado in them - yummy food deliciousness with… Read More

Love Yourself Like Your Life…

Depends On It, My Thoughts on the Book

During a difficult period in my life, I used to joke with a friend about self-love, proclaiming aloud, “I love me” as I kissed my own hand. We would giggle then because it seemed silly. But loving yourself… Read More

Lost in the tranquil forest, a journey towards peace

Dumbfounded by the beauty and loneliness of it all.

My love of nature conflicts with my disdain for constant solitude. I am lost in the woods. I sit on our kitchen deck listening to the babbling creek below wend its path from the mountains to the sea.… Read More