Terrence Sani

Terrence Sani | Author

Terrence Sani is an empowerment keynote speaker and personal development coach. After abandoning dreams and staring death in the face Terrence is now a true advocate who speaks the importance of discovering who you truly are and associating yourself with your life’s purpose.

Amy Adams Editor and Author at Conscious Life

Amy Adams | Editor & Author

Amy is a fine artist, art researcher, periodic code warrior, supreme lover of dogs, epic gardener, and sometime self-appointed yoga goddess and editor of this site.

Jennifer Murray Photographer

Jennifer Murray | Photographer

Jennifer is a Fencing Master and mother and runs Jens Hens too on Long Island, NY. She has worked as a naturalist, an environmental educator and a wildlife rehabilitator. Throughout her various incarnations, she has held steadfast to taking snaps of wherever life takes her.

Chrissy Miller, Ph.D. author and contributor to Conscious Life Space

Chrissy Miller, Ph.D. | Author

Chrissy is a California mountain mama newly transplanted from the east coast. She spends her days frolicking in the redwood forest with her toddler son, hula hooping, writing, cooking, and helping her husband tend to their plants and bees.

Meg Frenandez

Meg Fernandez | Author

Meg considers herself a life-long student believing that every day holds many lessons, opportunitities for practice, and challenges. With 20 years of experience and an education & training in Editing and Technical Writing, she is interested in restorative disciplines, human nature, English literature and mindfulness meditation.

Kathleen DePaola | Author

Kathleen lives and works in New Jersey, USA and is involved in helping to spread awareness and aid in fundraising efforts for suicide prevention. You can find her on Linkedin. Articles: Finding a Path and Holding On Connected Souls Universal Grief: The Mourning caw of the Crow