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Creating awareness and sometimes giving plastic a second life.

Mbongeni Buthelezi, a painter who paints with plastic bags, Gilles Cenazandotti who creates collage and sculpture with plastic waste and Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti call our attention to pollution with their Polluted Water Popsicles project.

Gilles Cenazandotti – Future Bestiary

Gilles Cenazandotti, like Mbongeni Buthelezi, Painting with Plastic is also creating awareness and giving plastic a new life. His series of sculptures and collages are created with waste he collects from the edges of the sea. His Future Bestiary project features large sculptures made from plastic of endangered animals. The artist says this about the project – “Impressed by everything that the Sea, in turn, rejects and transforms, on the… Read More »


Polluted Water Popsicles

Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti from the National Taiwan University of Arts collaborated on the Polluted Water Popsicles project. First, water was taken from 100 different water sources in Taiwan. Then the water was turned into frozen and very toxic popsicles. The design students recreated them using transparent polyester resin, their aim to create awareness. About 90% of the trash found in the water was plastic. You can… Read More »


Mbongeni Buthelezi, Painting with Plastic

Painting is considered a ‘plastic’ art – Plastic arts are art forms which involve physical manipulation of a plastic medium by moulding or modelling such as sculpture or ceramics. The term has also been applied more broadly to all the visual arts (such as painting, sculpture, film and photography). A new definition has arisen with many artists using plastic in their art. Mbongeni Buthelezi, a South African artist, makes his… Read More »


The artists featured this month ask us to think about what we are doing to the planet, to reflect and think about the implications for a product that will outlive us and what we are doing to our water which gives us life.

Last month’s artists showed us how they overcame obstacles and found meaning in sound and in cooperation. Scroll down to see last month’s featured videos.

In addition, this month and last month we featured artists who make it obvious with less obvious mediums that we have some serious societal issues –

Marina Bychkova who creates porcelain realistic dolls that ask questions – Not Your Everday Doll
Jon Boogz with others in Art Matters, The Color of Reality where artists collaborate to make a piece couldn’t have come to life without one another.

Creativity Gallery

Current and previously featured videos of creative people who inspire us.

We kicked off Conscious Life Space on the 25th of May 2017 with 3 artists who under different circumstances all found their voice in unusual ways. Candy Chang with her project Before I Die, Ilinca Bacila Yodeled her way to finding her improbable Voice and Jarbas Agnelli who tranposed natures patterns into SongBirds on the Wires.

June 2017

The 19 year old Ilinca Bacila spoke at the TedX Brasov conference, themed Woman in the Mirror. Since that time she performed in Eurovision’s 2017 competition integrating her yodel song and style with a rapper musician Alex Florea.

“I think the lesson learned by me was that it is possible to see poetry anywhere.” – Jarbas Agnelli, on his experience of documenting “Birds on the Wires” – who inspires you? let us know in the comments below or share your thoughts on creativity.

We also have a collection of animations that relate more specifically to themes and are highlighted in their respective categories but we made a page just for them, as they are all animations – click here.