7 Steps: Coming to Clarity from Confusion

Fighting what truly is + denial = suffering

If you’re confused or you know someone who is, here are 7 steps to help you gain clarity or be okay with the fact that you’re confused. Lessons learned from my own experience. Feel free to share your comments too.

A Sandstorm in the Desert

Sometimes we become confused and begin to doubt ourselves and our choices or maybe we are faced with a choice and are unsure of which path to choose. The initial spark of confusion can force us to ask others what we should do, the overwhelm can seem like a sandstorm in the desert of our minds. Even if we remember to look inside only ourselves for the answer, we still can suffer through our confusion.

What is the cause of this?

Many times the root cause is that try as we might, to search for an answer, we don’t find one because simply –

– we might want something to be what it isn’t –

It’s called forcing your will. My mother would have called that ‘wishful thinking’ and for anyone who follows Ester Hicks and Abrahams’ teachings I believe that Abraham would call that resistance.

You’ve already tackled step one without even knowing it. Admitting that you are confused is the first step to clarity. Naming an issue, in this case confusion, can feel like a weight is lifted because –

now action can be taken

Step 1 -> Quiet the mind.

Step 2 -> Surrender to what is and

Step 3 -> accept things as they TRULY are, not how we want them to be

That might hurt and even feel terrible for a moment, that moment will pass. Fighting what truly is and denial that is what creates suffering.

Step 4 -> Step outside of the issue and try to view it from at least two different vantage points.

Step 5 -> Release your will.

Step 6 -> Once you release your will, you can then ask x (higher self or whatever you want to call your higher power – Universe, Creator, God, Source, Mr. Jones, etc.) what is right action?

Step 7 -> Allow the answer to present itself.

Be aware that this doesn’t mean waiting forever so others decide for you. Nor does it mean writing lists and filling your mind with obsessive thoughts about the issue or choice. This means taking the time to present this issue to the universe, releasing any subconscious motives through surrender and allowing the universe to whisper the answer to you.

You must choose to listen, your guides, god whatever you call x will speak to you. If you knowingly go against your own truth, certainly you will feel it in your body.

For your reflection –

Now after writing all this, what I really want to tell you is that whichever path you choose, you always end up where you need to be – sometimes you just might take the detour.

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Author: Amy Adams

Living and working out of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Amy is a visual artist, periodic code warrior, supreme lover of dogs, epic gardener, and sometime yoga goddess. You can find her on various social media outlets ( twitter, instagram) and Medium under the moniker @amyincluj.

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