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Every person, every intelligent being has the ability to willingly share their light, their love, their kindness and care with the world.


About Conscious Life Space

Thank you for being here.

Hi everyone, My name is Amy and I care passionately about the earth and the beings on it. I intentionally created this platform to encourage people live more consciously, awake and aware as creators of their lives. I am a Reiki master, yogini and enjoy sharing my own and other’s valuable life lessons and wisdom stories through storytelling, art and written materials.


My goal is to support you to be the decider, to step forward into a life that causes you joy, a life where you are present and aligned with your highest good. I hope you benefit from the materials provided, and you will accompany me on this journey and #learnwithme. Keep reading to learn more about Conscious Life Space, its purpose and me its founder.

Reality exists only where the mind creates a focus. – Mahayana Buddhism Heart Sutra​ 

Every person, every intelligent being has the ability to willingly share their light, their love, their kindness and care with the world. We can do small things to carefully nurture ourselves, our bodies, our psyche, our family, our friends & our communities as we strive to live in greater harmony with the Earth. My goal is to provide readers, listeners and viewers with information, meditations and educational tools they can use to help them find their center — a place of peace — supporting them and making it easier for anyone to share their light, love, kindness and caring with the world.


Conscious Life Space was intentionally created to provoke conscious thought, inspire, to engage people in discussion and to offer its community effectual media and resources and recommendations on topics like personal evolution, spiritual seeking, yoga, gardening, art, sometimes current events, and social justice issues too. Its specific purpose is to:


  1. dispense valuable information through various platforms;
  2. share knowledge and practical wisdom that can support us on our paths;
  3. provide practical tools to utilize (meditations, articles, podcast episodes, workbooks and journals, etc.);
  4. remind us that solutions exist to many problems and more are being developed since it can feel like we are at a standstill sometimes.


Even if we do in fact operate from subconscious programming more times than we would believe, we can work towards conscious choice, conscious living. When we slow down through meditation, yoga or other 'spiritual' practices we teach our brains to respond thoughtfully. These practices won't allow us to continue to simply react or live our lives by rote or without thought. Science backs up the data.


We’ve all heard that we construct our objective reality and whilst this is accurate in many ways, the structural dynamics of societies, the numerous layers of each individual's personalities all interact to create a variety of forces that we can’t necessarily ‘control.’ Life happens. We do however have the ability to choose how we respond to situations. When we are able to slow down and be present, we can choose to experience our lives consciously from a place of peace. Let’s learn together and consciously move forwards. When we intentionally choose to focus on mutual cooperation and union we no longer feed the fierce beast that is fear and lack.

Tag us on Instagram @consciouslifespace or your favorite media platform and #learnwithme, let’s #learntogether. Comment and repost and share Conscious Life Space’s posts and media. Every time you do, it means that more people will have access to information - our offerings to the world.

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About the Founder & Editor

Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a creator - a creative entrepreneur, writer, producer, and visual artist. She is the author of Gratitude Shmatitude: Don't just think it do it!, the editor of Conscious Life Space a lifestyle magazine and host of the CLS Conversations podcast and sometime vlogger. Media experience includes a stint at Simon & Shuster and 11 years working in the documentary units -  Close-Up & ABC News Productions -  as well as 20/20 & Special Events at  ABC News​. 

She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a BA in Visual & Performing Arts and received her MFA in painting from the art academy in Cluj, part of the University of Art & Design, Cluj-Napoca. A yogini and certified Reiki Master, Amy shares her life experiences and lessons to guide us to a sometimes weedy but always grateful path.

Amy Adams Reiki Master and Member of the Reiki Healing Association
Amy Adams competed the Spirit Junkie Masterclass I

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