Beggars knocking on my door

To share or not to share? Guilt, experiences and other thoughts on the topic.

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Recently a woman came to my door just after I returned from a dog walk. She was uninvited and not only by me, but no one in the building invited her inside. She came in the building with the purpose and intention to go door to door to ask for help and she clearly needed it. But she comes regularly to many buildings in the area and asks for money. Most people ignore the ring of the doorbell or knocking on the door. She knew I was home since she watched me enter my apartment from a distance in the hall. When no one else on my floor answered her call, she persisted. I was going to ignore her but knew she probably wouldn’t leave and the dogs get restless when someone is at the door. Based on experience a knock on the door means that someone they know has come for a visit and they will get biscuits and extra pets and maybe even some food scrapes.

It upset me and I felt guilty that I did not share anything with her – not money, not food, nothing, zip, nada, zilch. You can hear my ramble about it in the video that was made following her visit posted below.

After posting the video and discussing this, I came to the realisation that what bothered me the most is that she crossed the line and broke boundaries by coming to my home. My home is my sanctuary. It is also my office space and art studio. When someone comes to my sanctuary that is unknown to me it upsets me. If someone that I know comes uninvited or unexpected that is another story.

Part 2 of Beggars knocking on my door

Beggars knocking on my door and Guilt

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