Laura Valenti Movement Medicin concious LIfe space's Conversations Podcast Interview Number Nine

Reclaiming Imagination and Creativity through Movement Medicine an interview with Laura Valenti

A common theme continues to run through the stories of my guests on the podcast. Many of them have themselves been challenged by life circumstances and have found ways to heal, manage their expectations, create new lives themselves and help others. In the latest episode of Conscious Life Spaces Conversations Podcast, we explore and learn about the topic of movement medicine with Laura Valenti a teacher and facilitator. Movement medicine… Read More »

Three ways to reduce stress naturally - yoga, meditation and plant supplements

3 Ways to Reduce Stress: Rejuvenate & Restore Your Body Naturally

The therapeutic effects of yoga, meditation and CBD oil

Stress impacts the young and old. Periodically stress simply reminds us that we’re alive. But perpetual and unending stress does a number on us and can result in a mood or anxiety disorder. No one is immune in our modern life as it appears to place demands on us that can become overwhelming and create stress and anxiety. We can find ourselves living by rote and unaware or even sink… Read More »