future invention - recycle in the kitchen

Recycle plastic and other packaging directly in your kitchen: An Idea

Share3 Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 3 What if you had an aesthetically pleasing tall kitchen cabinet that behind the matching cabinet door is an apparatus that you could feed packaging to helping to ensure that it gets recycled, would you use it? Maybe it seems like a crazy dream but dream it I will.I can’t simply dream it into reality so I’m putting the idea out… Read More »

Ouroboros - Conscious Life Space Guru

What is that? Circular Economy [Thinking outside the box]


Share2 Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 2Return and Renew Rethinking, Redesigning to change how we operate. When we lost our connection with nature and natural life, we stopped living in flow. We can still have technology, progress and modern life and live in flow. This requires cooperation and caring for one another and our planet. Cooperation where companies come together – where people come together – everyone… Read More »