Late Summer Early Fall Perennial Blooms

The perennial guide to late summer and fall blooms

Planting guide and loving the earth each and every day not just on Earth Day Every April ‘Earth Day’ comes around as some kind of celebration and I love our mother Earth who supports and nourishes us but I’ve given up on the fake holidays with good intentions. They are intended to remind us about whatever ‘holiday’ is represented but they are hollow and empty. We can’t celebrate the Earth… Read More »

Early to Mid-Summer Perennial Bloom Succession

Early to mid-summer perennial blooms in your garden

A perennial planning and planting guide

It’s cold today, not the cold of the peak of winter, but a chill is in the air. It’s overcast. I’m dreaming of a lush early summer garden with blooms. The time is drawing near to plant containers and beds in the Northern Hemisphere and that is why I’m sharing this guide here today with you. Originally I published an article on bloom succession that covers all seasons so people… Read More »

mid-spring and later spring bloom succession conscious life space - 9 perennials

We made a perennial plant guide to mid-spring to late spring blooms for your garden

In this article, we give you the dirt on which perennial blooms to plant for continuous blooms throughout mid-spring and late spring. Keep reading for all the details. Mid-Spring Flowers and Later Spring Flowers One of the best things you can do for your health is to dig in the dirt, plant flowers and enjoy the sensory delights flowers and plants bring to us. The colors, the fragrance, textures of… Read More »

Candytuft - Iberis - - first blooms of spring

First Blooms of Spring

Perennial bloom succession

Perennial bloom succession, the first flowers of spring! If you’ve read some of my other articles on flowers and gardening, you’ll know how much I truly enjoy this activity. It connects me with nature in the city. I love living in the city for so many reasons but don’t think we should never be without greenery. Unfortunately, not all cities were built with green space in mind and sometimes greed… Read More »

Beautiful Public Domain image of pansies and butterfly

Urban gardening, planning a balcony garden

My first gardening experience as an adult with my own home was memorable. The plantings and areas surrounding the house were planned but through the years they weren’t tended to. I started piece by piece and the very first night after digging in the dirt, my dream was filled with earth and earthworms. It was beautiful. That’s when I became obsessed with gardening and spent hours planning, digging, growing, harvesting,… Read More »

Stop spraying pesticides

Natural Pesticide Recipes [PDF]

Natural Solutions If you need a pesticide to regain balance in your garden, make it a natural one. Here are some natural pesticide recipes that you can read here or save the pdf here. Do you have a natural method to restore balance in your garden? Share it in the comments and please share this post with others and help spread nurturing solutions so we can stop using poison and… Read More »

Water Garden Infographic -

Indoor Gardening, an Infographic

For many people who live in areas that have greater differences in temperatures from season to season, there is no reason you can’t have an indoor garden. Here is an infographic from the editors of written by Jodi Helmer. Start small, indoor plants clean the air and add beauty to your interior environment. Houseplants: Indoor Gardening for Mindfulness Cultivating Mindfulness Taking care of houseplants also has benefits. Scientists have… Read More »