Beautiful Public Domain image of pansies and butterfly

Urban gardening, planning a balcony garden

Share4 Pin3 Tweet Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 7My first gardening experience as an adult with my own home was memorable. The plantings and areas surrounding the house were planned but through the years they weren’t tended to. I started piece by piece and the very first night after digging in the dirt, my dream was filled with earth and earthworms. It was beautiful. That’s when I became obsessed… Read More »

Stop spraying pesticides

Natural Pesticide Recipes [PDF]

Share Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 0 Natural Solutions If you need a pesticide to regain balance in your garden, make it a natural one. Here are some natural pesticide recipes that you can read here or save the pdf here. Do you have a natural method to restore balance in your garden? Share it in the comments and please share this post with others and help… Read More »

Water Garden Infographic -

Indoor Gardening, an Infographic

Share Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 0For many people who live in areas that have greater differences in temperatures from season to season, there is no reason you can’t have an indoor garden. Here is an infographic from the editors of written by Jodi Helmer. Start small, indoor plants clean the air and add beauty to your interior environment. Houseplants: Indoor Gardening for Mindfulness Cultivating Mindfulness… Read More »