Late Summer Early Fall Perennial Blooms

The perennial guide to late summer and fall blooms

Planting guide and loving the earth each and every day not just on Earth Day Every April ‘Earth Day’ comes around as some kind of celebration and I love our mother Earth who supports and nourishes us but I’ve given up on the fake holidays with good intentions. They are intended to remind us about whatever ‘holiday’ is represented but they are hollow and empty. We can’t celebrate the Earth… Read More »

Musical notes on paper vintage

Solfeggio scale and frequencies

The Solfeggio scale is a six tone scale. You can think of it as a scale that uses syllables, for instance do-re-mi…etc. which we translate today as c,d,e…etc. It was a vocal scale and later more tones were added to it. The Solfeggio scale uses the frequency of 432Hz as its base pitch which means A is tuned to 432Hz (A=432Hz). Today the current tuning standard the musical note A… Read More »

sound energy healing featured image on conscious life space

Sound energy healing, the ‘mechanics’ of so​und

Human beings know a lot about sound and the mechanics behind it. Yet, science hasn’t come to any real solid measured conclusions on how sound directly works on the energetic and physical bodies we house or how it heals them. There are theories, data, some known facts and like any subject, our knowledge continues to expand but we still don’t really know. Luckily, new discoveries are being made all the… Read More »

Three ways to reduce stress naturally - yoga, meditation and plant supplements

3 Ways to Reduce Stress: Rejuvenate & Restore Your Body Naturally

The therapeutic effects of yoga, meditation and CBD oil

Stress impacts the young and old. Periodically stress simply reminds us that we’re alive. But perpetual and unending stress does a number on us and can result in a mood or anxiety disorder. No one is immune in our modern life as it appears to place demands on us that can become overwhelming and create stress and anxiety. We can find ourselves living by rote and unaware or even sink… Read More »

Gratitude Shmatitude! Don't just think it, do it! Book on how to practice gratitude

Gratitude Shmatitude on Kindle

Don’t just think it, do it! That’s my basic advice to people who are interested in living a thoughtful life. How can gratitude make you more thoughtful? Well, practicing gratitude can actually force you to be more conscious and aware because life isn’t always as fun or delicious as a scrumptious delectable bowl of chocolate ice cream – or whatever your fav flav is – topped with almonds or sprinkles.… Read More »