Science Spirit Woo Minisode No. 5 Conscious Life Space's Conversations Podcast

Science Spirit and Woo

Conscious Life Space’s Conversations Podcast Minisode No. 5 Science and Woo they go together like shamalang-a-dingity-dong together forever…well I was singing that in my head as I wrote this but the truth is there is this thing about science separating itself from spirituality – I touch briefly on that in this mostly science rant. I’m pro science but tired of some scientists seemingly denying that there are a lot of… Read More »

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Conversations Minisode Ep 03 Walking Along the Canal, Meeting and Meaning

This minisode is about simple acts of kindness, neighbors, people, friendliness and our need for community. One person can make a significant difference in your day, even your life and often this is recipricol. I share a story about meeting a friend along the canal path. When strangers meet sometimes simple words and kindness can create meaning in life Minisode 3 of Conscious LIfe Space’s Conversations mini-episodes of the Podcast… Read More »

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Conversations Minisodes Ep 02 – Seven Steps to Clarity from Confusion

This minisode is a #personaldevelopment #selfhelp tool/technique and is all about coming to clarity from confusion in 7 steps – taking back your power, and accepting what is in the moment and moving forward. This is based on my own life experience. I do have lots of degrees and certifications but not in therapy or coaching that’s not my thing. I simply want to share my own techniques and experiences… Read More »

Conversations Minisodes Ep 01 – Quitting Smoking Fat Yoga and Menopause

Minisode 1 of Conscious LIfe Space’s Conversations mini-episodes of the Podcast – the Minisodes air in alternating weeks from the longer and regular episodes of Conversations that feature guest interviews. The minisodes differ as they are conversations with myself 🙂 LOL #podcast #menopause #bodyshame Quitting Smoking Fat Yoga and Menopause Minisode Episode One [Season One] This minisode expounds upon a recent article that I wrote and published on Conscious Life… Read More »

Metamorphosis insectorum Surinamensium Maria Sibylla Merian - ART - Illustration

Quitting smoking, fat yoga and menopause – not necessarily in that order.

I am not this body.

editor’s note: You can listen to a minisode podcast referencing this article, links and embeds are at the end of the article for your listening pleasure. A few years ago, after quitting smoking for the very last time – really it is and was the last time – my body went haywire. The detox from the nicotine wasn’t an issue for me mentally. I had quit a few times before… Read More »