reclining and relaxing, taking time for self-care in open air

Here’s Why Self-care is Essential!

Four easy steps to improve you! (p.s. it helps others too)

Take Care of Your Mind and Body with Self-care It’s unfortunate that the word “self-care” sounds so much like selfishness since the intent is exactly the opposite. Self-care is a chance to spend some time focusing on your own needs so that you can then be recharged and reinvigorated physically and mentally to help others both at home and at work. Here are a few tips on how to help… Read More »

Conscious Life Space's Conversations Episode 3, The Disobedient Dietitian, A rebel with a cause, a conversation with Amber Gourley

The Disobedient Dietician, a Conversation with Amber Gourley

Episode 3 Stress, lack of sleep, processed food, and poor nutrition are all too common in our modern world. Running to work, to home, to events – day in and day out it starts to seem like a vicious cycle. Many people haven’t learned how to cook and prepare meals and either rely on processed foods or take-out for their primary diet. Over time the lack of nutrients combined with… Read More »

Bee Nestled in Flowers by Claude Mondestin

Cooking with honey

the sweetest gift we received from bees.

Maybe humans figured out that honey was an amazing food and sweetener before they started painting images of someone collecting it on cave walls more than 8,000 years ago as we can see in the image shared here from a cave in Valencia, Spain. Certainly, someone would’ve figured it out eventually. Even so, sometimes it seems like we’ve forgotten how amazing honey, nature’s sweetener really is these days, as we… Read More »

lemon slices on a plate - conscious life space

Why everyone is talking about the health benefits of lemons!

There's more to a lemon than meets the eye!

If уоu look іn mоѕt реорlе’ѕ kіtсhеn уоu can find that wonderful smelling, a citrus fruit called the lemon. Lemons аrе nоt only a great additive for baking and cooking but іt hаѕ several other uses as wеll. Although, mоѕt often nоt еаtеn alone, іtѕ entire contents саn be uѕеd in ѕеvеrаl fасеtѕ оf lіfе ѕuсh аѕ culinary, household cleaning, аѕ a freshener, and health aid. Rich in vitamins and… Read More »

The Human Brain by Albrecht von Haller (c. 1776)

Does acupuncture work by re-mapping the brain?

Acupuncture is a form of traditional medical therapy that originated in China several thousand years ago. It was developed at a time bereft of tools such as genetic testing or even a modern understanding of anatomy, so medical philosophers did the best they could with what was available – herbs, animal products and rudimentary needles. In the process, perhaps, they stumbled on an effective medical approach. In the past century,… Read More »