Aurora the musical artist

Aurora: The human one

A musical storyteller

We can all be amazed and awed at very young people finding their voice in the arts or other fields and succeeding at getting their work into the public view at an early age, but what brings me to write about Aurora Aksenes, known as AURORA is the fact that her lyrics are meaningful stories, told through songs. A couple of years ago I heard Aurora’s music for the first… Read More »

Wangari Maathai social forum

Role Models: Wangari Maathai

Author, Activist, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Environmentalist, founder of The Greenbelt Movement

Wangari Maathai an author, activist, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, environmentalist, and founder of The Greenbelt Movement. Wangari Maathai was the first woman in East and Central Africa to earn a doctorate degree. She had many other firsts in her lifetime and her legacy continues. Here are some links of interest: Nobel Prize Laureate Tree Planting and Water Harvesting – The Greenbelt Movement Wiki Dr. Wangari Maathai is an amazing role… Read More »

Eurovision Romania Ilianca BAcila

Finding Your Improbable Voice

Ilinca Bacila inspires as she brings her authentic self to the public.

Ilinca Bacila inspires as she brings her authentic self to the public. Watch her TedX talk here (turn on English subs in the video settings) The 19-year-old Ilinca Bacila spoke at the TedX Brasov conference, themed Woman in the Mirror. Since that time she performed in Eurovision‘s 2017 competition integrating her yodel song and style with a rapper musician Alex Florea. Just a few days ago, she recently returned from… Read More »

Alice Herz

Alice Herz-Sommer

Even the bad is beautiful.

Alice Herz-Sommer lived longer than most people ever will and throughout that time lived a full and varied life. She was the oldest living pianist and Holocaust survivor until her death in February of 2014 at the age of 110. In this short, her inner beauty shines from her wrinkled skin as she shares her wisdom – watch it