Science Spirit Woo Minisode No. 5 Conscious Life Space's Conversations Podcast

Science Spirit and Woo

Conscious Life Space’s Conversations Podcast Minisode No. 5 Science and Woo they go together like shamalang-a-dingity-dong together forever…well I was singing that in my head as I wrote this but the truth is there is this thing about science separating itself from spirituality – I touch briefly on that in this mostly science rant. I’m pro science but tired of some scientists seemingly denying that there are a lot of… Read More »

Reflections in the mirror and how see ourselves vs True Mirrors on Conscious Life Space

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

No one is since it's backwards! Unless you use a True Mirror

Recently I shared an article on seeing and perception and made mention of how we see ourselves in mirrors. Here’s a short video that I made on the subject of a true mirror and how we see ourselves in traditional mirrors. Seeing and Perception, True Mirrors (the CLS Vlog) True mirrors allow people to see themselves as they are facing other people instead of a reflection that is backwards….all along… Read More »

girl with dog cc lic - Conscious Life Space Guru

I wish you enough and small acts of kindness

There is more than enough!

We live in an abundant universe. Wanting the best for others and wanting them to have enough of whatever it is they need is a good goal for all of us. Put aside the judgement, put aside jealousy, put aside envy and open your heart to knowing that this world is abundant and there is enough for everyone. It might seem like there isn’t at times and we could even… Read More »

BLOGLOVIN is on Conscious Life Space Guru

Bloglovin you can now follow us there too!

Follow Conscious Life Space’s blog with Bloglovin Follow You can also find and/or follow Conscious Life Space on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and share effectual media with your friends and family. Want to keep up to date with our latest articles and information? Keep in touch when you sign-up for our monthly newsletter and periodic announcements and offers. Check out the EXPLORE page for a list of all of… Read More »

angel devil moarte - historical image - Conscious Life Space Guru

Negative thought forms

letting go and creating harmony

The higher self will inform you when you ask. Yet sometimes the answers we seek get confused with old belief systems and negative thought forms. Often we just try to rid ourselves of these by denying them or even examining them thoroughly and then thinking that they are forever gone. Then suddenly they pop back up and we wonder why. When they pop back up what can we do? First,… Read More »

porch room old doors and windows - Conscious Life Space Guru

The doors and windows are shut but there are no locks

...anyone can enter.

Welcome to Conscious Life Space, You are your own guru! Just a few nights ago, before launching this site, one of my dreams took place in a room where there were windows and doors, all of them were closed, yet there were only holes where doorknobs and locks would be. It upset me. After thinking about it in my waking hours, it seems to me that perhaps it simply my… Read More »