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Conversations Minisode Ep 03 Walking Along the Canal, Meeting and Meaning

This minisode is about simple acts of kindness, neighbors, people, friendliness and our need for community. One person can make a significant difference in your day, even your life and often this is recipricol. I share a story about meeting a friend along the canal path. When strangers meet sometimes simple words and kindness can create meaning in life Minisode 3 of Conscious LIfe Space’s Conversations mini-episodes of the Podcast… Read More »

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Conversations Minisodes Ep 02 – Seven Steps to Clarity from Confusion

This minisode is a #personaldevelopment #selfhelp tool/technique and is all about coming to clarity from confusion in 7 steps – taking back your power, and accepting what is in the moment and moving forward. This is based on my own life experience. I do have lots of degrees and certifications but not in therapy or coaching that’s not my thing. I simply want to share my own techniques and experiences… Read More »

CLS Conversations Podcast Episode 7 with Charity Collier, Mindfulness Expert Teacher and Addiction Counselor

Changing Lives, Mindfulness and Becoming Your Best Self, a Conversation with Charity Collier

A conversation with Charity Collier, a mindfulness meditation expert teacher and addiction counselor. Episode 7 [part one] From personal transformation to changing lives, our guest Charity Collier has done both. She helps people on their journey of self-discovery. Working as a licensed addiction counselor and meditation teacher in the US prison system she serves a greater cause helping incarcerated individuals heal from the trauma and stress of prison life. She… Read More »

Healing Trauma - Conscious Life Space Conversations podcast - episode 5 Tammy Hatherill

A holistic approach to healing, a conversation with Tammy Hatherill

Episode 5 Suffering from a traumatic event or multiple events can disrupt life as you know it. Trauma comes in many forms. Whether or not you experience it directly or indirectly it is an experience that shapes your beliefs about how the world is or isn’t. It can be a threat to one’s existence or a serious injury, or even it can be that you have witnessed harm to someone… Read More »

Conscious Life Space's Conversations Episode 3, The Disobedient Dietitian, A rebel with a cause, a conversation with Amber Gourley

The Disobedient Dietician, a Conversation with Amber Gourley

Episode 3 Stress, lack of sleep, processed food, and poor nutrition are all too common in our modern world. Running to work, to home, to events – day in and day out it starts to seem like a vicious cycle. Many people haven’t learned how to cook and prepare meals and either rely on processed foods or take-out for their primary diet. Over time the lack of nutrients combined with… Read More »

The Conversations Podcast Episode 2 a conversation on motherhood, one Gen-X mom's perspective on motherhood at 40 - Chrissy Miller, PhD

A Gen Xers perspective on motherhood at 40, a conversation with Chrissy Miller

Episode 2 Exploring motherhood at age 40 Becoming a new mother is on top of the list of transformational events in our lives that can change us. Our ideas of who we are and our place in the world can be upended and the upheaval can have both benefits and negative side effects. Although mothers share many common experiences, mothering and motherhood is a unique experience for each individual as… Read More »

Heidi Camuti Interview opening up to your mind and body - Conscious Life Space's Conversations Podcast Episode 1

Opening up to your mind & body with yoga, a conversation with Heidi Camuti

Episode 1 Our daily lives can be stressed as we’re hurrying to get things done and it seems like an epidemic of overwhelm and malaise has taken a hold of us at times. We can tune out the noise and tune into the moment with yoga, allowing us to open up to mind and body, finding a connection to our breath and letting go. One of the lessons we learn… Read More »