Gratitude Shmatitude! Don't just think it, do it! Book on how to practice gratitude

Gratitude Shmatitude on Kindle (Get it for free for 72 hours 23rd-25th of January 2019)

Gratitude Shmatitude’s Kindle edition is available for FREE for 3 days – the 23rd, 24th and 25th of January 2019 (23rd begins at one minute after midnight PST and for 72 hours its free until 12M PST on the 25th) Don’t just think it, do it! That’s my basic advice to people who are interested in living a thoughtful life. How can gratitude make you more thoughtful? Well, practicing gratitude… Read More »

Conscious Life Space Purpose and Policy

Conscious Life Space’s Purpose and Data Privacy Policy

New EU/EEA data protection laws are taking effect soon, so this gave me an opportunity to clarify the site’s purpose as I updated the data privacy policy.So here is my letter from the editor that speaks about the purpose of this site and intention too. If you are interested in reading the policy, you can read the full 10-page document at the privacy policy site link here or read the… Read More »

Yoga on CONSCIOUS LIFE SPACE you are your own Guru


Focus on yoga resources, stories & more because yoga really is for everyone. Yoga Videos Here we share a few videos of practices that are different styles, different instructors, different lengths – no one pays us to be featured this is just stuff we have tried and like. Features change every other month and the previous features are available as a post by the instructor as well (so you can… Read More »

Art & Creativity

Art & Creativity We look forward to continuing to share innovative and interesting creative works that provoke thought and inspire. You can find all of our art and creativity features here – Since Conscious Life Space started in the end of May 2017, throughout the year we shared and featured artist’s works that showed us how they overcame obstacles and found meaning in sound and in cooperation. We also looked… Read More »

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You’re Ready by Rebecca Campbell

You’re ready. by Rebecca Campbell Just dance extra quick. It’s time. You’re ready. Go do. an inspirational excerpt from Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell Are you ready? If you still need more to get inspired visit our quotes or affirmations pages and get inspired.