human biofield or energy field

Sound energy healing obstacles in the face of understanding

“Alternative Healing” and trying to make sense of how sound heals Shamans, monks, priests and many different healers – even those unaffiliated with a group – have known intuitively through the centuries that sound heals or naturally puts us into the state of mind to allow healing to happen organically. There are many ways sound can enter the body and the expert teachers and masters who know the ancient techniques… Read More »

Conscious Life Space Purpose and Policy

Conscious Life Space’s Purpose and Data Privacy Policy

New EU/EEA data protection laws are taking effect soon, so this gave me an opportunity to clarify the site’s purpose as I updated the data privacy policy.So here is my letter from the editor that speaks about the purpose of this site and intention too. If you are interested in reading the policy, you can read the full 10-page document at the privacy policy site link here or read the… Read More »

Yoga on CONSCIOUS LIFE SPACE you are your own Guru


Focus on yoga resources, stories & more because yoga really is for everyone. Yoga Articles & Featured Practices Looking for a particular term or definition? Check out our reference terms and definitions page here. It is continually evolving. Feel free to suggest any terms and definitions that you think would be helpful for us to add in the comments below. Thanks! Yoga Videos Here we share a few videos of… Read More »

Art & Creativity

Art & Creativity We look forward to continuing to share innovative and interesting creative works that provoke thought and inspire. You can find all of our art and creativity features here – Since Conscious Life Space started in the end of May 2017, throughout the year we shared and featured artist’s works that showed us how they overcame obstacles and found meaning in sound and in cooperation. We also looked… Read More »

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You’re Ready by Rebecca Campbell

You’re ready. by Rebecca Campbell That thing you’re called to do. Do it. That place you’re called to go. Go there. Those words you’re bursting to say. Say them. That dream you’ve always had. Live it. That call deep within your soul. Answer it. That thing that lights you up. Lose yourself in it. Don’t wait until all your ducks are in a row. Go do it all now. Don’t… Read More »