step by step instructions to build a balcony garden raised bed on conscious life guru

How to: Make a wooden raised planter for your balcony (any size)

Building wooden planter boxes is an economical solution to buying a multitude of containers to plant in and can meet your needs specific to the size of your balcony or terrace. Follow these step by step directions to build a wooden raised planter for your balcony or city terrace garden. You can grow veggies or flowers.

Glastonbury Terrace Garden Focal Points - Garden Statues

Focal Points & How to Build a Fountain for your Urban Garden

Garden Objects & Focal Points

Share1 Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 1In my opinion, every garden where ever it is, deserves to have a focal point.  It could be a larger flower, a cluster of flowers, a statue, a fountain, a bird, bat or insect house or any myriad of items. Here are 2 examples of focal points that I photographed on one of my trips to Glastonbury, England. Both examples are on… Read More »

Beautiful Public Domain image of pansies and butterfly

Urban gardening, planning a balcony garden

Share4 Pin3 Tweet Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 7My first gardening experience as an adult with my own home was memorable. The plantings and areas surrounding the house were planned but through the years they weren’t tended to. I started piece by piece and the very first night after digging in the dirt, my dream was filled with earth and earthworms. It was beautiful. That’s when I became obsessed… Read More »

Sponges made of sponge gourd for sale alongside sponges of animal origin

Grow your own Loofa

Share Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 0When I watched this video It got me to thinking about trying to grow them myself. Where I live not sure where to get seeds and my garden is a balcony garden not a traditional garden. A city balcony garden has its own micro-climate presenting some challenges. Have you ever grown your own? I’ve purchased them in the past but would… Read More »

drawing of an ant

ANTS – Hymenopteara: Formicidae

In the quest for lessons from nature and particularly ants, some of their notable characteristics include the following:

* They display tremendous strength and determination. It is estimated that on the average they are able to carry 5x their own body weight.

* They help one another and display altruistic qualities. They work for the good of one another and they will even sacrifice their lives for the greater good of their community.

* They will not take from the mouth of others, yet they will give to others.

Bloom Succession – Perennials

Share Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 0Perennial bloom succession is most certainly something to look forward to throughout the growing season! During the long winter months snuggled up in blankets, wandering mind produces dreams and visions of lush foliage, colourful flowers blooming and trailing vines. In February small signs of spring appear as the day slowly become longer only to be shunned as a cold wind hurts… Read More »