Reflections in the mirror and how see ourselves vs True Mirrors on Conscious Life Space

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

No one is since it's backwards! Unless you use a True Mirror

Recently I shared an article on seeing and perception and made mention of how we see ourselves in mirrors. Here’s a short video that I made on the subject of a true mirror and how we see ourselves in traditional mirrors. Seeing and Perception, True Mirrors (the CLS Vlog) True mirrors allow people to see themselves as they are facing other people instead of a reflection that is backwards….all along… Read More »

recipes and food deliciousness - wraps - how to on conscious life space

It’s a wrap, recipes and food deliciousness!

Recently I travelled to visit an old friend in California where I filmed a vlog on how to make a wrap. Wraps make a delicious healthy lunch or dinner, they’re easy to make and you can change them up by simply changing the outer layer or the inner workings….fresh veggies, cheeses, dipping sauces, rice paper, tortillas, seaweed sheets…yum! Wraps are really fun to make them with friends or make them… Read More »

Louis CK public domain image

Louis CK Part One (updated to add other vids on the topic with some coherent ramblings )

Why Louis CK s case is different IMO I have been reluctant to share my thoughts on Louis CK because it might appear that I am defending him in some ways and in some ways I am. NO NOT HIS ICKY BEHAVIOUR but instead calling to light some differences in this case since everything under sexual harassment has become lumped together. The outrage then hides and covers up other stuff… Read More »

You are not broken, no no no on Conscious Life Space

You are not broken, I’m not broken

Oh no, no, no!

I went to grab the link to my latest vlog on my YouTube channel, You Are Not Broken, to create a post and embed it on the home page, then this came up as a related video. Of course, it caught my eye, I hit play and the first song wasn’t the title of the record and the music blared on a quiet Christmas morning. So I had to include… Read More »

Beggars knocking on my door

To share or not to share? Guilt, experiences and other thoughts on the topic.

Thanks for visiting the site and watching my videos. The ‘Vlog’ is a 1-year experiment that started at the end of August 2017. My goal is to share videos about issues or topics (that may not be politically correct) that concern me or I think might be of interest to discuss. What topics would you like to discuss? Please subscribe to the channel, leave comments and share with your friends.… Read More »