We Don’t Lack Ability, We Lack Incentive

by Terrence Sani

When you see something astonishing you can rest assured that it was highly motivated by some sorta driving force.

What exactly is motivation?

Motivation is said to be the driving force by which humans achieve their goals. To achieve these types of goals, you must be willing to work extra hard and punch any & all obstacles in the fucking face.

Without this motivation and drive, you’re better off just submitting and settling for average. Imagine the loss of motivation, there wouldn’t be many scientific & medical discoveries and we surely wouldn’t have iPhones, drones, smart watches etc. Many of these achievements exist not because of some egg head nerd that always reminded the teacher to pick up the homework. But simply because they were the most driven. It’s that simple, that’s it.

Intrinsic Vs Extrinsic

When it comes to motivation there are two types “intrinsic” & “extrinsic”. Intrinsic motivation typically refers to the type of motivation that is driven by your personal interest or passion for the particular subject itself. Basically, this is when you aren’t obligated to require any outside pressure to show interest.

Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, comes from outside resources basically “hook ups”. Incentives such as money, discounts, gifts or some type of recognition. It could also come from blackmail or threats.

So as you can see it goes without saying you can’t separate both rewards and motivation. Even from an intrinsic viewpoint, the reward of maybe the personal satisfaction of completing a task to the best of your ability.

The Greatest Sacrifices Deserve The Greatest Rewards

Pop Art image of Muhammad Ali by John Stango CC3

Bruce Lee threw thousands of punches and kicks daily, Kobe Bryant was the first to arrive at practice and the last to leave the court, Muhammad Ali wasn’t the most ripped or in shape boxer, however, his drive to be successful could never have been duplicated or penetrated. Michael Jackson.. well do I even need to go there? If you aren’t pickin’ up what I’m putting down. LISTEN UP! What I’m saying is you’re the sum of your repeated actions.

Kobe Bryant image with quote
Kobe Bryant image by Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA creative commons

Real motivation comes from real goals, real passion and real desire.

The first step in motivating yourself is to decide clearly on the reward you want to achieve. To take that a step further, learn to separate your wants & needs. Everyone has a want: losing weight, becoming rich, quitting their current job or being successful. All of these things are 200% achievable.

Everyone thinks of what they should be doing but nobody thinks of what if they didn’t do it.

Reintroduce the word “must” into your vocabulary. Instead of wanting to lose weight tell yourself that you must lose weight have no choice and your life literally depends on it. Then own up to it. Take action and reap the rewards of your hard work.

When you know clearly what you want and how much you NEED it to happen, DO IT as you can now take the next step. You can think of ways to make your dream happen. So get motivated and start achieving your dreams now!

Author: Terrence Sani

Terrence Sani is an empowerment keynote speaker and personal development coach. After abandoning dreams and staring death in the face Terrence is now a true advocate who speaks the importance of discovering who you truly are and associating yourself with your life’s purpose.

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