The doors and windows are shut but there are no locks

...anyone can enter.

Welcome to Conscious Life Space, You are your own guru!

Just a few nights ago, before launching this site, one of my dreams took place in a room where there were windows and doors, all of them were closed, yet there were only holes where doorknobs and locks would be. It upset me. After thinking about it in my waking hours, it seems to me that perhaps it simply my knowingness acknowledging that I am fully exposed here – vulnerable. Especially since the first edition has primarily articles written by me.

Here anyone can come in and share their experiences or even criticise me. So it simply reminded me to write an introduction to this space and to say – yes this is a platform for me to share. You might like it, you might not. Of course, my hope is that you do. It is here.

There is a danger with all the ‘self-help’ gobbly guck and do gooeyness to let the ego get in the way or even to profess knowingness – yes I do have some knowingness – it’s what I’ve experienced and learned in this life – just let it be known that this isn’t me telling you how to live your life, it is me in an attempt to share things with humility. And even more importantly it’s not all about me – this is a platform that invites people to share their experiences.

You are invited to contribute through commenting, sharing and submitting essays, articles, art & photography.

p.s. You and me, we are NOT BROKEN. That is an old paradigm and maybe I don’t know much, but I do know that. We are just here, now, having an experience.

p.s.s. Let’s try not to judge it too much and share our knowledge and personal experiences.

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