Focal Points & How to Build a Fountain for your Urban Garden

Garden Objects & Focal Points

by Amy Adams

In my opinion, every garden where ever it is, deserves to have a focal point.  It could be a larger flower, a cluster of flowers, a statue, a fountain, a bird, bat or insect house or any myriad of items. Here are 2 examples of focal points that I photographed on one of my trips to Glastonbury, England. Both examples are on the ground level in the center of Glastonbury in the densest part of the town.  They are on patios and honestly, I do not remember if they are at the same restaurant or not…I will have to check next visit.  Anyway, either one would work well in the corner of a balcony as well.

Glastonbury Terrace Garden Focal Points – Garden Statues

Another great place for a focal point is viewing the focal point from inside your apartment to extend your living space. The fountain was my gardens focal point near the sitting area on my balcony. The fountain shown here is not a strong water surging fountain although it continuously pumps water –  just enough to create the soothing sounds of a small spring running on the rocks.  It is a simple set-up and it was built as a focal point in a seating area.

I changed the area and put up a reed barrier because my dogs are territorial and Uma the cat moved in next door. This year I will be creating a fountain again and I dug out my old pix and instructions to share with you here. Scroll down for all the details following a mini slideshow from my previous build.

Garden Fountain How-to

Supplies & Tools

When I originally created this fountain, it turned out that I didn’t end up using all the ‘plumbing’ stuff -I overcomplicated the process. You really only need a small plastic container that you can upcycle and cut to size with a hole on the bottom. It’s really only to keep the pump in a set area in case the little suction cup doesn’t stick. But kept the image here to show you what not to do LOL. Oh, and by the way, the pump is electric although a solar pump would be ideal. This year I hope to replace it later with solar to do away with the cost of electricity and outside wiring. Then I can build an indoor fountain with the old pump.

Testing the pump!
yogurt container and tubing with some rocks

Build Your Fountain Step-by-step

Step by step it will come together, this is really a simple project. If you haven’t used a drill before, I’m here to tell you that you can do it. It’s pretty easy, take it easy and you will build confidence using it.

Easier to drill holes then to slice up the lid with a razor.
This is it from an aerial perspective….needing many more rocks to hide the plastic top.

Enjoy Your Fountain

Previously I had written about this on my former balcony garden blog, so if you want to listen to my experience of building it, you can listen here click here to listen to the simple fountain post If you have questions or would like more information, please leave a comment. I’ve also included a free printable cheat sheet for you, you can download it How to Build a Simple Fountain Cheat Sheet Conscious Life Space.

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What do you think? Do you have space? Do you think it is a waste of space? What is your focal point? Post a comment.

Here are some links to fountains that I think would work well. I’m considering which one to use myself.

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6 thoughts on “Focal Points & How to Build a Fountain for your Urban Garden

  1. You’re so right! Focal points make such a difference. All greenery can actually get a little boring to the eye, a statue or fountain gives something ‘else’ to look at. It can also sooooo personalize a space!

  2. I agree with the idea of a focal point. Just as in decorating your interior spaces, this gives you an area of emphasis in your own sweet garden.

    I’ve added a small water fountain to my diminutive balcony garden and the result is a charming focal point that includes something for both the eyes and the ears.

    I also believe that a small garden can benefit from just the right seating. A small spot to entice you to sit down and relax. A bench, or table and chair that invites you to to stay awhile.

    There is also a stability to a focal point in that it remains unchanging through the seasons. So, your statue will still be standing even with 6″ of snow covering the last summer’s garden!

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  4. While we’re in Garden Objects – Focul Points < Your Balcony Garden mode, Put together a group of mismatched chairs and paint them a single colour preferably with some remaining outdoor paint, for continuity. They will serve you well around the dining table. If you opt to go with the coffee table angle, then put patio benches with cushions and throw blankets around them.

  5. The truth is most people could do plenty to improve their outdoor area with little money spent. One method is to creatively work with what you already have, and start with less grandiose projects that you actually finish.

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