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Let's stop taking our spiritual journey so seriously.

Most people know JP Sears as the fun and enlightened jokester on YouTube. What some people don’t know that through his work as an emotional healing coach he started to share insights on his YouTube channel, answering questions to help people heal and live a fuller life. Even though he was serious, he found humour naturally as he shared his authentic self. This led to his creation of some very funny videos that went viral. His videos have accumulated over 250 million views. He has embraced his authentic self and offers some sage advice on how we can too in his Tedx Talk, Saying YES! to your Weirdness.

He talks about how our weirdness can serve as a bridge between our persona and our authentic self, asking us to take action, to find the courage to say yes to a more meaning and fulfilment by embracing our weirdness.

Saying YES! to your Weirdness | JP Sears | TEDxCardiffbytheSea

Saying YES! to your Weirdness | JP Sears | TEDxCardiffbytheSea

Learn why people tend to reactively treat their weirdness as a dangerous liability. Perspectives will be shared on how weirdness is actually one’s greatest asset, serving as a bridge into one’s authenticity. How to take action on finding the courage to say YES!

I originally learned about his serious side on the Mindfulnessmode Podcast and have since found some really interesting and useful videos on JP’s YouTube channel. You can listen to the Mindfulnessmode Podcast below to learn more about his path.

218 Laugh, Learn and Awaken With JP Sears – Mindfulness Mode

JP Sears is a deeply spiritual thought leader with an intense sense of humor. You may have experienced his mindful comedy if you’ve seen any of his viral videos focusing on essential oils, the joys of being gluten intolerant, being vegan, the wonderful uses of coconut oil and more.

JP is the author of “How To Be Ultra Spiritual,” (Sounds True Publishing, released March 7th, 2017) and is a teacher and speaker

His Instagram video is probably my favourite.

How to Take Yoga Photos for Instagram – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 34

How to Take Yoga Photos for Instagram – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 34

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You can learn more about JP and his work at

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