Love Your Enemies

even when your enemy is your own self-loathing

guest author: Ophelia

Recently I wrote about accepting and seeing what really ‘is’ in my article Confusion and Finding a Clear Path. Not so surprisingly, this very same topic comes up in the discussion in the video below. Thus my lords and ladies, methinks it appropriate to share this wonderful talk from NYC’s 92nd Street Y which features 2 authors of the book Love Your Enemies with the discussion led by one of the author’s daughters Uma Thurman. The authors, Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman explain how and why “anger” and even “hatred” become addictive, hooking us into a vicious cycle that all but guarantees continuing unhappiness.

Love Your Enemies Stop the Vicious Cycle, Transform Negativity into Love

If you are interested in learning more about addictive emotions (and what we can do to break them) check out my article entitled Your Brain, Simple Steps to Activate Your Knowing. As always I welcome you to share your thoughts and comments below.

Editor’s Note: Ophelia, yes, she was my nom de plume in the past for my personal blog where this article was originally shared and now defunct. I don’t think it’s worthwhile to re-edit or re-write these things . Hence, my lords and ladies, it is what it is.

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