Is luck, successes dirty little secret?

ponderings on the intersection between the two

by Amy Adams

Early last year, I read and shared an article on my art blog by Jeff Goins, The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Really Succeed: On Networks, Connections, and Relationships. With the article was my editor’s note, which essentially boiled down to my thoughts about the word luck because it provoked emotions that provoked some thought – so here I share my thoughts on LUCK…..

…for me, I think there is really no such thing as luck (yet may be biased since at the same time privileged born in a wealthy country in an area rich with art & culture in an average family.) Instead, I always liked the definition of luck to be the point ‘where opportunity meets preparedness.’

I’m all about personal responsibility and luck somehow to me seems like an excuse when things don’t go as you have planned – blaming luck for circumstances and on the contrary diminishes your successes – you earn them in the long haul. The flash in a pan success doesn’t last. Now, maybe it’s just my take on the word luck, or I’m giving too much credence to the word.

Luck, the point where opportunity meets preparedness.

Not to negate circumstances like where you are born on the planet – which clearly can influence your journey – only we are more than our circumstances. I guess what I’m saying here is that action combined with mindset matters too. Thus questions like – ‘Do you believe you are worthy of success?’ or even ‘Do you feel like you are unlucky?’ might influence the likelihood of ‘luck’ also known as circumstances, in your career success.

Now that’s just my opinion – what do you think? Is it an unfair truth? Do you network ‘on purpose’ or do you naturally participate with others in your industry? Are your connections superficial or real? Mostly I’d like to know in the comments do you think that mindset matters? or that believing you are worthy influences success? What other advice might you offer someone or what obstacles have you come upon that you feel have had a negative or positive influence on your success?

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Author: Amy Adams

Amy Adams is a fine artist, gardener, sometime programmer and the editor of Conscious Life Space. You can find her on twitter, instagram and on her website too.

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