Meditation Can Change Your Brain & Your Life

The ancients called it vipassana -> clear seeing. Today we call it meditation. Watch to learn more about how meditation benefits the brain.

‘Cutting edge scientists and ancient mystic dudes may have more to agree on than you think. This video explores some parallels within the ancient practice of meditation.’ – Infognostica

Mindfulness Meditation
by Apage (source:

Yoga and Meditation Can Change Your Genes, Study Says

Source: Time Inc. (2017)

Meditation Funny 🙂


Meditation takes many different forms. With many styles, there is something for everyone. Want to try a guided meditation then check back soon. We’ll be adding some free guided meditations that you can download.

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Do you like guided meditations? Do you listen to binaural beats? Do you like to meditate on your own? How about Transcendental Meditation (TM)? What floats your boat? Share your thoughts and experiences below!

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