Negative thought forms

letting go and creating harmony

The higher self will inform you when you ask. Yet sometimes the answers we seek get confused with old belief systems and negative thought forms. Often we just try to rid ourselves of these by denying them or even examining them thoroughly and then thinking that they are forever gone. Then suddenly they pop back up and we wonder why.

When they pop back up what can we do? First, let’s take a look at an excerpt from Jonathan Zap’s Zap Oracle Card Awakening from Depression where he speaks about negative thought forms –

Awakening from Depression

Subclinical depression is almost the norm in our society. Many people go through their days burdened, their gaze lowered, suffering under a generalized feeling of oppression. Although it is easy to attribute much of this to fractured, alienated lives, environmental toxins and poor diet, research indicates that the primary causes are negative thought forms, often occurring just beneath conscious awareness, which frame perception negatively so that one lives in a darkened reality tunnel. For example, “Life sucks, and then you die…I never get my fair share…I can’t do anything right…” etc. The negative thought forms trigger negative emotions that in turn trigger physiological changes, and the process feeds on itself as a vicious circle. – ©Jonathan Zap

What can we do about it? Of course we can examine our inner lives and seek guidance from sites like the Zap Oracle which can provide you with deep insights, we can read articles like this one, we can cast runes or have our tarot cards read, use NLP techniques and so much more. There are a myriad of tools and ways to examine your own life. Sometimes throughout this process we can end up confused if we seek too much outside of ourselves.

The negative thought forms trigger negative emotions that in turn trigger physiological changes, and the process feeds on itself as a vicious circle. – ©Jonathan ZapClick To Tweet

So what do we do?

Negative thought forms – when they come into your headspace, take a moment to:

1. recognise them,

2. bath them in light,

3. acknowledging them and equalizing them without denying them.

These 3 steps will ultimately allow your negative thought forms to exist in harmony with your positive thought forms.

Ric Elias and his decision to eliminate negative energy from his life.

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