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15-minute ॐ Om meditation – this is the first Om meditation created by Conscious Life Space. Please give it a listen and be transported to peace or chant along and feel the vibration resonate through your body. This meditation can also be played aloud in any physical space to help clear the energy of the space.

You can listen to a reading of this post here, you will find the video and audio versions of the meditation itself are in the text body below.

ॐ Om is a sacred sound, spiritual symbol and a mantra. It is linked to divine knowledge and the cosmos and you will find a lot written about it in sacred texts in various spiritual practices. It originated with Hinduism. It is said to be the primordial sound of creation and is also referred to as Brahman the genderless concept of the transcendent and permanently pervading Supreme Cosmic Spirit that sustains the universe, the ultimate reality.

It makes sense that the syllabic sound would be used as an incantation since words are insufficient to express the vast, inexplicable and infinite creation – that this sound syllable is said to express. As an incantation, the sound of Om through chanting offers a person the opportunity to connect with the divine self in us, outside of us that permeates everything – the mystery that is unknowable yet known.

Some spiritual teachers will ask you to focus not on the sound of Om itself but to listen to the silence between the Oms.

In 2011, a study was undertaken to measure the effects of chanting Om. Does it simply relax the brain, does it stimulate the vagus nerve? What about the positive effects similar to another method used in the treatment of depression? There was some conclusive evidence that chanting Om does, in fact, have positive effects and that further study is warranted and necessary to help find how it may treat ‘disease.’

In this 15-minute chanting meditation, we also hear and are soothed with the accompanying sound of the ebb and flow of ocean waves. The combination of the relaxing sounds will relax your mind. It ends with approximately 1 minute of music to signal you to return to a more aware state. This short mental break can help to calm and nourish your spirit.

In this meditation, Om or AUM (Sanskrit: ॐ) is repeated 108 times.

Om Meditation

Wondering why 108 times? The ancient Indians from the East figured out approximately, 8000 years ago or perhaps before then that the diameter of the sun x 108 times gives you the distance from the earth to the sun, and the diameter of the moon x 108 times gives you the distance from the earth to the moon. 108 is a cosmic ratio of the 2 celestial bodies that affect the earth and make life possible. Based on this data, mantras were to be repeated 108 x to ward off any negative planetary influences.

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