We made a perennial plant guide to mid-spring to late spring blooms for your garden

Author: Amy Adams, Contributor: Ruxandra Badulescu
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In this article, we give you the dirt on which perennial blooms to plant for continuous blooms throughout mid-spring and late spring. Keep reading for all the details.

Mid-Spring Flowers and Later Spring Flowers

One of the best things you can do for your health is to dig in the dirt, plant flowers and enjoy the sensory delights flowers and plants bring to us. The colors, the fragrance, textures of the plants themselves and the space we create for the garden can bring us to a place of peace. These are the rewards of gardening.

It’s also true, that digging in the dirt can increase feelings of wellbeing. There are microbes that increase serotonin which in turn increase joy. Their relationship with humans reminds us that there is more to gardening than meets the eye. Plus, gardening gets our bodies moving and we get to enjoy the reward of gorgeous blooms throughout the seasons.

That is why the perennial bloom succession series was created. Generally, the succession of blooms is for a variety of zones but warmer and ultracold climates may have some modifications to the list. Based on four changing seasons (zones 3-7) this list should help to guide you to plant perennials that will bloom from mid-spring and later spring too.

Always add annuals in-between at the appropriate time to fill in the gaps and for continuous bloom once these have passed their blooming season.

Warmer and colder climate readers, please share your additions and deletions to this list in the comments. So if you want to know what perennials bloom in spring – more specifically mid to late spring – here’s our visual guide and list.

Mid Spring Flowers

7. German Bearded Iris (Iris sp.)
8. Siberian Iris (Iris sp.)
9. Tree Peony (Paeonia suffruticosa)
10. Peony (Paeonia lactiflora)
11. Coral Bells (Heuchera sanguinea)
12. Oriental Poppy (Papaver Orientale)
13. Bellflower (Campanula sp.)

Here’s what to plant for non-stop blooms and color in your spring garden.

The numbers that correspond to the images in this article are in sequence with the series. You get the full list of plants to include in your garden year-round and in succession here.


Mid-spring blooms Irises
Iris – there are different types some bloom from bulbs and others from rhizomes

Iris plants are either rhizomes or bulbs, the dutch irises are from bulbs and are smaller and more delicate. The rhizome plants create a paler green cluster of straight firm leaves. The flowers shoot up from that clump of leaves. In some temperate zones you can leave them overwinter without protection. Given enough space, each year there will be more and more plants and flowers produced.

If you need to divide them or transplant them, it is best to wait until early fall. If you need to do it sooner, then do it after they flower. If you chose to do it after they flower, it is best to wait for them to wither since like tulips they will be producing nutrients for the next year.


Mid Spring Blooms - Peonies
The peonies are fragrant, beautiful and give ants a job to do. Some particular ants actually care for peonies and help them to open their blooms.

Peonies produce small amounts of nectar and this is quite appealing to ants. Ants eat the nectar and help open the plant’s flower buds. Ants do not harm the plants. Let nature work its magic and before taking peony flowers into your home, simply turn them upside-down in a bucket of water to get the ants off (don’t let them drown – quickly dump the bucket so they can get back to their business.)

Heucheria, Poppy and Bellflower

Mid Spring Blooms Poppy, Balloon Flower and Coral Bells

Personally, I haven’t had much success with poppy flowers but I have seen them thrive in my neighborhood. My garden is on the balcony so its microclimate doesn’t follow the same set of rules. In the fall, I added Heucheria to my garden. After flowering it will continue to their leaves will flourish and grow and provide you with year-round beauty. They also come in different colored leaf varieties including a red leafed plant.

Later Spring Flowers

Astilbe and Lupine

14. Astilbe (Astilbe sp.)
15. Lupine (Lupinus polyphyllus)

Later Spring Blooms - Astilbe and Lupine

Astilbe flowers come in white or pink and reds. They are shade lovers and their foliage is delicate looking. Lupine is a little more fragile and harder to establish, however once established it is happy and the rewards are endless.

Following are individual images and I’ve included links to buy seeds or plants in the captions for your convenience. However, as much as we would like to receive a commission – after all that is what makes this site possible – but if you can support your local nursery and grower please do. They can also offer you guidance specific to your growing area.

To learn about early spring blooms in this series click here.

German Bearded Iris
No need to limit yourself on color here – check out this group of colors here
dutch iris
Gorgeous colors to buy here
Tree Peony - mid-spring blooms
Gorgeous deep pink blooms available here
Peony mid-spring blooms
I was unable to locate this variety but found some beautiful heirloom peonies here.
Coral Bells - Mid-spring blooms
Here are a variety of colors of heucheria here as plants.
Oriental Poppy - Mid-spring blooms
The red orange color is the most commonly known but there are other colors available too so this link for seeds shows a range of colors.
Balloon flower mid-spring blooms
Get campanula seeds here.
Astilbe - Later spring blooms
Get live plants shipped to your door here or buy seeds here.
Lupine - later spring blooms - CLS
Buy purple and blue lupine flower seeds here.

Which perennial might you add to this list? Share your experience so we can all #learntogether.

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Thanks to the excellent photographers that shared their images with us so we can identify plants.
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Bloom succession mid-spring and later spring perennial blooms
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