Driven by shame and fame, Too Fat to Run’s founder Julie Creffield joins us in conversation

Episode 4

We all know that someone comes in last to every race and every competition – that is, on paper. No one lists the people who finish last first. That didn’t stop Julie Creffield from participating in races and one day she finished a race last and the finish line itself wasn’t even there. The race participants and organisers had packed it up and called it a day. That experience was a turning point for Julie. She went home and started an anonymous blog, Too Fat to Run, The Fat Girls Guide to Running.

The blog soon evolved into a community of women who wanted to get fit and lead more active lives but often felt alone and were often held back by shame and fear of being judged. It’s challenging to live in a world where women often still feel the pressure to fit into a form that is based on an unrealistic ideal. It simply isn’t the reality. The pressure becomes a burden creating all kinds of challenges for women (both real and imagined.) This burden can take the form of shame and fear. Julie transformed her shame and combined it with her desire to be heard, becoming an unintentional advocate by first sharing her experience with others, then creating community and space for women to take back their power through goal setting.

What started as an anonymous blog has become her life’s work. She has authored 8 books, runs a 12-week program called Big Fat Stupid Goals and started a monthly virtual race and event that anyone in the world can participate in, One Big Fat Run. She joins me in episode 4 of Conversations.

If women are not playing sport because of judgement, what else are they not doing? - Julie Creffield, Too Fat to Run's founder. Listen to more of the Conversations Podcast at Conscious Life Space Click To Tweet

Unapologetic is the word that comes up for me and seems to be a recurring theme that comes here on Conversations. This makes my heart sing as it is easier said than done to show up and be heard. All of my guests here are making their voices loud and clear through their work and living the life that they choose. If you ever had the experience of feeling out of place, you’re going to find that you are not alone. This episode of Conversations is loaded with good advice and it is my hope that you will get as much out of this conversation as I did.

You can learn more about Julie in the bio and link list section below.

Julie Creffield, Too Fat to Run on Conscious Life Space's Conversations Podcast, Episode 4
Julie Creffield, Too Fat to Run on Conscious Life Space’s Conversations Podcast, Episode 4

The message is clear – be audacious!

Some topics we discuss

Being Judged
Big fat stupid goals
Living an active lifestyle

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Julie Creffield Bio

Julie Creffield is an author, motivational speaker and coach. She turned her popular blog The Fat Girls Guide to Running into a coaching business, and in 4 years became one of the most influential running experts in the sport, coaching more than 10,000 women through online programmes and challenges. She has run hundreds of races around the world.

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