A Gen Xers perspective on motherhood at 40, a conversation with Chrissy Miller

Episode 2

Exploring motherhood at age 40

Becoming a new mother is on top of the list of transformational events in our lives that can change us. Our ideas of who we are and our place in the world can be upended and the upheaval can have both benefits and negative side effects. Although mothers share many common experiences, mothering and motherhood is a unique experience for each individual as they bring their own familial history, personal experiences and expectations, as well as their culture to this phase of their lives.

Although I have had many mothering experiences caring for others’ children at various times in my life, I’m not a mother to humans myself. So even if I had some direct experiences caring for others, in the end, they didn’t live with me 24/7 and I wasn’t ultimately responsible for their long-term care. That’s why I asked Chrissy Miller to join me in conversation to discuss some of the challenges that new mother’s face.

In the second episode of Conversations, Chrissy shares her perspective as a mother of a toddler. She joins me to discuss her chosen vocation of motherhood at this time in her life. We talk about co-sleeping with your child, changes in your body, expectations from others and more.

Whether you are a new mom yourself, want to become one or are on the fence about it, in this interview with Chrissy Miller, you’re going to gain some insights on mommyhood in the first years and learn about one woman’s choice of becoming a stay at home mom.

Even with the privilege of choosing to be a stay at home mom, doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges along the way.

With a lot of taboo around the choice of becoming a stay at home mom (no pay, no ‘status’ in our material world, etc.) Chrissy a homemaker and mother, isn’t ashamed to want that life or say it out loud. She believes that this is a feminist’s choice and embraces it. Now that might sound a little odd, but the truth is there are stigmas and social conditioning and all that mostly unspoken stuff.

'Love yourself, the best you can, the better you can love yourself and be kind to yourself, the more you have to give to other people especially your children.' Chrissy's advice for new moms #motherhood #conversations #podcast Click To Tweet

Chrissy’s son is rapidly heading towards his 3rd birthday and has a growing social circle of his own. For now, Chrissy continues to teach, play and learn with him daily and has started to think about what steps she will take next. Currently living in northern California, she has studied and worked in a variety of disciplines ranging from on-site work in archaeology & anthropology to permaculture and the Community Gardens Project. Chrissy earned her doctoral degree in anthropology from American University.

The Conversations Podcast Episode 2 a conversation on motherhood at 40, one Gen-X mom's perspective on motherhood at 40.

A Gen Xers perspective on motherhood at 40, a conversation with Chrissy Miller

Some topics we discuss

Importance of sleep and co-sleeping
Our changing relationships with others
Older parents
Identity and loneliness
Finding what works best for you

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Links from the interview

La Leche League website
Co-sleeping an informed article discussing the subject

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