Opening up to your mind & body with yoga, a conversation with Heidi Camuti

Episode 1

Our daily lives can be stressed as we’re hurrying to get things done and it seems like an epidemic of overwhelm and malaise has taken a hold of us at times. We can tune out the noise and tune into the moment with yoga, allowing us to open up to mind and body, finding a connection to our breath and letting go.

One of the lessons we learn in yoga is to take what we learn on the mat, off the mat and for some practitioners this translates into a new career path. After becoming a new mom and leaving behind a career in television production, today’s guest, Heidi Camuti, decided to delve deeper into the wellness field first as a doula, then becoming a yoga instructor with over 500 hours of teacher training. Her primary focus is on the restorative, therapeutic healing benefits of yoga.

Yoga is such a broad term and can mean different things to different people. So, in the first episode of Conversations, Heidi joins me to discuss yoga and shares her perspective. We talk about yoga and its ability to bring people into the present moment, the mind and body connection, monkey mind and the somatic response of crying on the mat.

If you are interested in learning about the benefits of yoga and how it can help guide you on your path, you’re going to find lots of inspiration and information about yoga in this interview!

I want people to get into themselves and come home to themselves and start to care about their own wellness. - Heidi Camuti, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Expert listen to more of the Conversations Podcast at Conscious Life Space Click To Tweet

Even though movement was and continues to play an integral part in her life, about one year ago Heidi was considering moving away from the holistic health realm as her full-time occupation and dedicating less time to it. But the ‘universe’ would have none of that! Instead, her calling to do the work simply got stronger. She re-dedicated herself to it and as a dedicated yogini and wellness educator she was called to train on aerial silks and added this to her extensive list of teacher certifications

Recently, she began to teach aerial fly fit classes at Studio Air in Montclair, New Jersey. She also teaches restorative yoga for adults at Qwell Meditation Studio, also in Montclair and teaches private classes as well. If you want to take a class with Heidi you can find her through her website or find her at one of the studios.

Opening up to your mind and body, Heidi Camuti Yoga Instructor and Wellness Professional


Some topics we discuss

Heidi’s path to yoga.
Cultural links to yoga.
What to consider when looking for a style of yoga to practice.
Breath and health benefits of yoga.
Crying on the mat.

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Heidi Camuti Bio

Heidi’s passion for movement began in her childhood when studying ballet. Whilst attending Montclair State University, she enrolled in her first yoga class to fulfil her physical education requirements and continued to practice on her own and with Jhoyti Crystal at Starseed. As a new mom, she became a certified doula and worked with new mothers and infants. She then expanded her repertoire of holistic health tools and became a registered yoga teacher and also became a registered children’s yoga teacher. Furthering her training she was certified in Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga from Yogaworks NYC and continued her education in Neurological Integrative Pediatric (NIP) Yoga from The Yoga Way NJ. Through the years she has taught adaptive yoga to outreach and special needs populations in Newark NJ and in Morristown NJ, to private clients and groups. She has over 500 hours of training under her belt.

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