Precious Plastic: Who Would’ve Thunk It?

Inspiring People: Dave Hakkens and an open source project.

Plastic is a plague in this world at this time. Whilst, many innovators are addressing these issues and problems, (YAY! seriously, it makes me want to jump for joy) one young innovator Dave Hakkens steps forward with others to turn his idea into reality. He isn’t hoarding his idea, he is making it available to anyone and everyone by offering his solution as open-source plans. The plans are for machines he has designed to make plastic a commodity that can be reused instead of being dumped into landfills and our oceans.

One man + an idea (open-source plans + prototype machines)= Precious Plastic + Livelihoods 4 anyone who wants one

You can access the plans, build a machine, recycle plastic and make a livelihood from this too. Or if you are a 3D printer you don’t have to buy material to print with you can recycle plastic and create your own materials to produce new objects. The possibilities are endless.

About Dave Hakkens

Here is a series of his videos in his playlist all about Precious Plastic.

Precious Plastic

Sometimes when we feel hopeless about the mess we’ve made. It often seems as though a new idea sounds good but nothing really happens with it. Slowly but surely that is changing. The consumption model is worn out and a circular economic model makes a lot of sense for the environment and for business. Not really sure why most humans who have known this in their hearts, haven’t taken action to make this happen on a grand scale previously.

What do you think? Would you build this and make a living from it? Would you build these systems and sell and install them for others to make a living from? What do you think about circular economies and recycling everything? Comment below and make your voice heard.

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