Recycle plastic and other packaging directly in your kitchen: An Idea

What if you had an aesthetically pleasing tall kitchen cabinet that behind the matching cabinet door is an apparatus that you could feed packaging to helping to ensure that it gets recycled, would you use it?

Maybe it seems like a crazy dream but dream it I will.I can’t simply dream it into reality so I’m putting the idea out there.

This week I finally posted a video that I recorded a couple of months ago and is my attempt to put an idea out into the universe with the hopes that an engineer or person with financial means to kickstart this (either of which I hope will contact me to discuss) project would see it and help to make this happen. The idea essentially is to create an apparatus that is attractive, safe, electronic, and integrated into your home kitchen. This isn’t a trash compactor so to speak, although some parts of it would compact certain materials. The ‘apparatus’ accepts various types of packaging and forms them into bricks or blocks of material that can be easily recycled right at home. Garbage dump stations wouldn’t have to sort to recycle goods. It would be cleaner, make it easy for people to recycle their plastic goods, easy to gather for resale to companies for reuse. It could even be one large common unit located in the garage of an apartment building but if we didn’t have it directly in the kitchen, I think many people would continue to simply toss the items in the giant bins without separating them.

Composting helps, separating your recyclables helps but still not enough materials that are used are being recycled. Producers are packaging too many goods in plastic. Some everyday items cannot even be gotten without plastic packaging including a lot of food items. Single-use plastic is one of the most destructive elements on the planet. There are some wonderful inventions out there but I haven’t seen them come into a consumers home yet and aren’t feasible. There are also a lot of innovators and inventors creating new products that can replace plastic items too. I will expand on this idea in another post but for today here is the video.

Let me know what you think and feel free to ask questions and discuss the idea in the comments. Come on engineers, who wants to create this? It can be a game changer.

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