(n.) 1. a woman thought to have magic powers, especially evil ones, stereotypically depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick. (synonyms: sorceress, enchantress, occultist, necromancer, Wiccan)

2.informal an ugly or unpleasant woman. Synonyms directly related to the informal definition include: hag, crone, harpy, harridan, termagant, she-devil.

3. ‘a girl or woman who is bewitchingly attractive.’ Actually this was a shocking entry from the dictionary as it should be marked as RARE.

4. an edible North Atlantic flatfish.

(v.) to witch
1. cast an evil spell on.
usage- 3rd person present: witches; past tense: witched; past participle: witched; gerund or present participle: witching (source: Google)

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