Sound energy healing obstacles in the face of understanding

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sound heals - sound waves and brain and matrix

“Alternative Healing” and trying to make sense of how sound heals

Shamans, monks, priests and many different healers – even those unaffiliated with a group – have known intuitively through the centuries that sound heals or naturally puts us into the state of mind to allow healing to happen organically. There are many ways sound can enter the body and the expert teachers and masters who know the ancient techniques to induce or intend healing may indeed fathom how it works on the cosmic level.

However, a lot of knowledge has been lost along the way due to entire cultures being lost as populations of people were killed and/or stripped of their communities, lands or in some cases forced to assimilate into ‘mainstream’ culture. Although I don’t think anyone should dismiss history and ancient peoples with this knowledge such as indigenous peoples who have practiced these things for thousands of years, measured scientific data in the West is wanted.

Not only is it wanted, it is actually needed to allow this knowledge to return to the collective, as well as to quiet anyone who is sceptical about the power of healing with alternative methods. That is just how we do things.

We already know that sound can be used in some specific ways to heal. For instance, sound is used to break-up kidney and gall stones in the body so they can then pass naturally without surgical intervention. We also know that it is used to induce relaxation which lowers anxiety and other things too. We also know that everything is vibration and that a mind-body connection exists.

Personally, I know that sound has worked to heal me both physically and emotionally but the truth is that I want researchers from every discipline to take up the cause and ‘prove’ it. I also want them to get past any ego and combine their data and knowledge to reach new levels of scientific discovery but that’s another conversation. Now, there is undoubtedly research and some ‘proof’ that sound heals but there are in addition many obstacles scientists face when studying sound as a healing modality. We’ll examine them and discuss how sound might heal beginning with a quick look at illness and disease.

Illness, disease, stress and other critters

e.coli bacteria
e. coli

Energy workers frequently say that many illnesses start in the field of energy surrounding our bodies, sometimes referred to as the biofield, before entering the corporeal body. We can also become ill when exposed to other critters like infectious viruses and bacteriae. In addition, our gut microbiome can get killed off or become imbalanced. Moreover, it can even happen that other parasites can enter the body weakening it making us more susceptible to illness and disease. Sometimes we don’t even know we’re sick until an illness has progressed and symptoms appear. As there are many ways we can become sick, there are equally many ways to heal our bodies – one way is through sound.

Subjective emotional states & stress

Studying sounds effects on the human body has challenges because sound produces emotional states and these can be subjective. Even though most people dislike the sound of fingernails running down a chalkboard, not everyone, reacts the same way to different types of sound and sometimes even a sound in one moment might be pleasant and in another state of mind unsettling. There are emotional states and environmental factors at play.

Think carefully about your listening experiences and your own state of mind at various times. For me, every so often I like listening to Public Enemy when playing with my dog and other times I want to immerse myself in Beethoven and then there are other times when both Public Enemy and Beethoven absolutely get on my nerves.

Being aware of stress and our emotional states is key since emotional imbalances can trigger stress hormones to cause disease in the body. Many studies have shown stressful life events, such as the death of a loved one or the loss of a job, are linked to an increase in a variety of health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension, and even depression. Stressful life events mess with our emotions and it’s difficult to factor in complex emotion in a comprehensive scientific study. Similarly studying sound on the body has its unique challenges.

Why scientists struggle with studying sound

Sound waves in the body, limited tools and methodologies

There are different approaches to studying sound but it’s been a struggle to integrate the studies with the human body. For instance, the human body is predominantly made up of water, so studies of sound waves traveling through water and the effects on its molecular structure might offer some insight. However, it’s not clear that we possess the tools to adequately measure their trajectory and impact directly in the body yet. We need creative thinkers to come up with the necessary tools and modern methods to make it possible.

graphic montage to illustrate quantum physics, the human brain - how sound might heal

Quantum physics & consciousness

Another possible way to study how sound works to heal the body is through quantum physics. Since it seems that atoms and small particles actions are dependent on an observer or participant who requires consciousness, quantum physics may eventually be able to explain how sound healing works on the sub-atomic level since theoretical quantum physics consider vibrations circular and in this world of science things can exist and happen simultaneously (not the linear model). Nevertheless, we encounter a little problem here because no one knows how consciousness works. [Watch this video to explore some extraordinary ideas on how consciousness works with Sir Roger Penrose]

Human biofield [chi, prana, qi, etc.]

Studying the human biofield and sound might provide some answers, except the human biofield can be quite nebulous in many ways since the bioenergetic field around our bodies is one of the least studied areas when it comes to healing the human body. Moreover, defining the biofield is complex and not everyone agrees where it begins and ends. Still, can a biofield around our bodies be the gateway to sound healing?

The biofield around the body is described by Rubik as follows:

“the human body emits low-level light, heat, and acoustical energy; has electrical and magnetic properties; and may also transduce energy that cannot be easily defined by physics and chemistry. All of these emissions are part of the human energy field, also called the biologic field or biofield.”


This is the field often referred to as life force, vital force, prana, chi, qi, etc. and is generally accepted in a variety of healing modalities that originated in the East such as ayurvedic medicine, qi gong, the tao and others. In the western tradition, however, the problem with the biofield is that no agreement has been reached in the scientific community on its definition and it presents some problems because it can’t be isolated. In Rubik’s book she quotes John Muir who said this about the biofield problem –

“if we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe

Muir, 1911 (Rubik)

We’re all connected.

Still some materialists believe everything is biochemical and even poo-poo the idea of a biofield. Nay though there are, nevertheless, some professionals who aren’t interested in non-linear or non-dualistic thinking, it doesn’t mean that other possibilities don’t exist.

Other sundry problems

We also encounter problems of compartmentalization of the sciences, defining what science is and/or old system models of research. Then we have some scientists who think they have all the answers and are closed to possibility (sometimes even fearing reprisals.) We moreover know that even proven science sometimes takes many years to enter the mainstream.

Possible ways sound might heal

Since our bodies are excellent conductors of sound, could it merely be frequency matching? So when we listen to specific frequencies we either – a. listen to specific tones and precise frequencies that put us into a meditative state (alpha and theta wave brain states) typically triggering our immune system to initiate a healing process, or b. does the water in our bodies resonate powerfully with healing frequencies that actually heal us? Meaning, do we simply come into specific resonance with the frequency that matches the harmonic vibration of a healthy organ or specific body part and heals our ailments instantaneously? It can be any organ or maybe its just limited to the brain and triggers other areas. What is the trigger? What is the mechanism? Is it different depending on how sound enters the body?

Those represent just two ideas and certainly, there are many more and basically I just have questions and want to explore this topic. I expand on this idea in another article in the series where I explore how sound enters the body. But if you have some ideas about how it works, share links or thoughts in the comments – weigh in on this and get the discussion going. And in line with discussions, let’s just look at for a moment how we communicate and how the line gets crossed in communication between woo-woo and wonder.

It’s not magic but it’s still a miracle

Recently I met up with my cousins when my Aunt passed away. My cousin Greg is a respected and brilliant scientist – an engineer and brainiac. I respect and admire him and his brilliance.

I can’t recall what thing it was that was mentioned in conversation – it was some kind of technology or advancement that is amazing and wonderous and when I expressed my amazement and awe at the miracle of science, I probably said something like –

“That’s a miracle!”

and he said in a matter of fact way –

“It’s science, it’s not magic.”

It wasn’t condescending, it was simply to make it clear that it was science and that there is a difference in his mind between a miracle and science and it got me to thinking about how scientists use language. And when recently listening to an interview with Brian Greene a brilliant and well known mathematician and physicist – he said something that might be considered ‘woo-woo’ or OMG ‘new age’ and he had to qualify it and make excuses for his ideas.

Many scientists use language differently and they have to because that is thier occupation and it’s a necessity. But I also think that this can potentially create some issues between scientists themselves, and between the general population of non-scientists & scientists as well. Sometimes what might appear ‘woo-woo’ to a scientist -> a miracle is not woo-woo at all.

Open your hearts and minds to the miracles that we do and do not understand (yet)

I’ve scarcely touched the surface here on sound and many researchers are looking at the effects sounds produce in our various bodily systems and mostly from specific ways sounds enter the body. I delve further into how sound enters the body in another article in the series.

In the end, some things haven’t been studied sufficiently or are hard to quantify, or we just simply don’t have the answers to yet. Let’s remain open to discovery.

Sound and sound energy healing is an amazing and massive topic that I’ve tried to reign it in and make some sense of all of it – thus the series of articles that a simple sound bath meditation inspired.

If you want to explore sound energy healing related articles read all of the articles in the entire series – they will be linked below as they are published:

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Share your sound theories, experiments, experiences and knowledge in the comments, let’s #learntogether. Thanks for taking the time to read this and being here.

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