Surrender: Death Meets Life in The Life of Death

This year Aunt Rose died. I have meant to write about it – to write about death, how uncomfortable people in Western cultures generally are and we don’t talk about it and its rituals – I’m still formulating my thoughts on that but right now in my home, my fur friend Nerica is waiting for met death to come since I first started writing this. Her body is giving gave… Read More »

Meditation on Death Image collage on Conscious Life Space by Amy Adams

Memento Mori, Looking at Death

It’s already some years ago when the idea for an interactive art project on death came to my mind. It evolved from real life experience watching from the sidelines as people that I knew throughout my life died prematurely. All of them from taboo methods – drug overdose, suicide, etc. Most of the people were no longer present in my daily life but I heard, watched and was broken hearted… Read More »