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Year in Review: Creativity and Art

Best of Conscious Life Space 2017

Share8 Stumble1 Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip EmailShares 9Throughout the year we shared and featured artist’s works that showed us how they overcame obstacles and found meaning in sound and in cooperation. We also looked at artists who used plastic waste in new ways to create awareness and sometimes gave plastic a second life too. Plus, we featured artists who make it obvious, with less obvious mediums, that we… Read More »

Jon Boogz The Color of Reality

Art Matters, The Color of Reality

Artists collaborate to make a piece couldn't have come to life without one another.

Share3 Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 3Using dance, performance and painting to create a unified work that we get to see in the form of a video, Color of Reality is a lament. It is a social commentary that laments the death of not only people who were murdered with guns but the injustices found in a broken system in the USA today. Color of Reality, short… Read More »