Plastic Dinosaur Photo by Umanoide on Unsplash - Conscious Life Space Guru


Share5 Pin1 Tweet Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 6 Focus on Plastic the problem, solutions, resources and moving towards a circular economy This July we take a look at plastic the problem it presents and the solutions in action. We also provide meaningful ways that you can make a difference. Once I read that the reason why people litter is because they think that someone else will pick it… Read More »

Captain Charles Moore Ted Talk

Talking Trash

Captain Charles Moore

Share Tweet Pin Reddit +1 Share Flip Stumble EmailShares 0One of our greatest problems besides plastic and pollution is mass consumption. The person who discovered the Pacific Garbage Patch speaks at a Ted conference and his brief Ted Talk worth watching. August 20, 2016. Captain Moore was honored as the 2016 recipient of the Bolsa Chica Conservator of the Year Award in recognition of his dedication to the preservation of… Read More »