Yin Yoga and a Vinyasa Flow

Yin Yoga with Kassandra Reinhardt

by Amy Adams

If you ever wanted to learn Yin Yoga, Kassandra Reinhardt is the instructor for you. Kassandra started her YouTube channel in 2014 to share her passion for yin yoga. What’s different about yin yoga is that practitioners essentially hold poses for longer periods of time. The physiological aspects of a yin yoga practice focus more on connective tissue and joints rather than muscles. Still, the mental benefits are no different than any other form of yoga.

Slow & Steady

Since each pose is held for several minutes or several breaths (however you like to count it) there are not as many poses. So even though this type of practice is slow & steady, I often find myself wondering where the time went. In my experience, the practices seem to fly by. The poses can still be challenging but in a different way. You’ll hear many yin yoga instructors make reference to finding your ‘edge.’ To find your edge strive for that space between challenge and comfort. When you are at your edge you should never feel pain or discomfort. Also, there is no rushing in or out of poses or quickening of the flow. Actually, after holding a pose for some time, it’s better to move slowly out of it staying in tune with the practice and your body.

Kassandra also offers classes with other focuses as well but her speciality is Yin. She has several vinyasa flow classes available, in fact, she has a lot of videos with offerings in various lengths and levels (over 200). So, we selected 2 practices to share today. One yin yoga style class and one standing balance practice to get you stretched and ready for the day.

Yin Yoga Practice 45 Minutes

Vinyasa Flow 60 Minute Practice

Kassandra offers her videos online, on youtube.com, for free and they are available for download – donation based. She also has an affordable paid membership program specifically for women that includes monthly downloads, a book club, a private facebook group and forums where everyone can connect. You can get to know her and find her videos and other offerings at the following links:

Website: www.yogawithkassandra.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/yogawithkassandra
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kryoga
Instagram: www.instagram.com/yoga_with_kassandra

Have you tried Yin Yoga? Do you like it? Do you find it challenging? and why? let us know in the comments.

p.s. Our series that features various instructors and styles of yoga is simply to share their awesomeness (in other words this is not an affiliate promotion – we say that out loud and clear when that is happening and that stuff you can find either as ads, specific landing pages that promote their work or products in our good stuff to buy page.)

p.s.s. The practices shared in the series have been tried and tested by the editorial staff

One thought on “Yin Yoga and a Vinyasa Flow

  1. I really like Kassandra’s videos. Her yin and other yoga practices work well for me. I have done both of these and really found the yin yoga video helpful when I had an injury – very healing. What about you?

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