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Middle Aged White Women, a poem written & performed by Robin Reynolds
This week I had the opportunity to interview Robin Reynolds on the Conversations Podcast. Robin is a Manager and Engineer who is a scientist by day and an artist and poet by night. She performed her spoken word poem Middle-Aged White Women. The message is multi-faceted, yet, at the core, we learn that ‘What you see is not what you get.’ You can listen to the poem here. Scroll down… <a href="https://consciouslife.guru/middle-aged-white-women-a-poem-written-performed-by-robin-reynolds/">Read More »</a>
Disembodiment and Shame Transforms Itself in Barbeque
Update: Since this article was published on the 29th of July, the artist, Jenny Jokela let me know that the full film is now available for viewing so it’s been embedded down below. It contains mature adult themes so you’ve been warned. Last year, I found Jenny Jokela, a Finnish-Swedish animation director based in London somewhere on the internet, I’m always looking for interesting art and artists. I tried to… <a href="https://consciouslife.guru/disembodiment-and-shame-transforms-itself-in-barbeque/">Read More »</a>
Why is it that girls’ self-esteem spirals downwards from 5th grade on?
In late 2017, Ocober to be precises, a study was published about girls. It’s called the Girl’s Index and examines girls’ self-esteem and relationships with others and a lot more. Personally, I’m fascinated by it as I was interested in seeing how it is for young girls these days. Are they making progress? What challenges do they face? Are relationships with other girls changing and more empowering or is the… <a href="https://consciouslife.guru/why-is-it-that-girls-self-esteem-spirals-downwards-from-5th-grade-on/">Read More »</a>
Menopause symptoms infographic
You can find and/or follow Conscious Life Space on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and share effectual media with your friends and family. Want to keep up to date with our latest articles and information? Keep in touch when you sign-up for our monthly newsletter and periodic announcements and offers. If you’d like to support Conscious Life Space and our mission, please consider making a donation. Help us provide the… <a href="https://consciouslife.guru/menopause-symptoms-infographics/">Read More »</a>
Quitting smoking, fat yoga and menopause – not necessarily in that order.
editor’s note: You can listen to a minisode podcast referencing this article, links and embeds are at the end of the article for your listening pleasure. A few years ago, after quitting smoking for the very last time – really it is and was the last time – my body went haywire. The detox from the nicotine wasn’t an issue for me mentally. I had quit a few times before… <a href="https://consciouslife.guru/quitting-smoking-fat-yoga-and-menopause-not-necessarily-in-that-order/">Read More »</a>
Aurora: The human one
We can all be amazed and awed at very young people finding their voice in the arts or other fields and succeeding at getting their work into the public view at an early age, but what brings me to write about Aurora Aksenes, known as AURORA is the fact that her lyrics are meaningful stories, told through songs. A couple of years ago I heard Aurora’s music for the first… <a href="https://consciouslife.guru/aurora-the-human-one/">Read More »</a>
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WTF is up with upskirting?

the urban dictionary's definition of upskirting

Upskirting a violation that isn’t illegal, YET. It’s a practice that has been going on for quite awhile and the problem has been increasing through the years. People placing their mobile phones in places that violate private space and people’s right to their own bodies is not illegal. Gina Martin wants to change that. I was targeted by a creep, who put his hand between my legs and took pictures… Read More »

Enchanted Doll, Marina Bychkova – Reflecting Life

The dolls can take over 500 hours to make, with Bychkova undertaking each step by hand – including sculpting, moulding, casting, painting, fashioning clothing, jewelry making, embroidering, and hair styling. A short documentary from Exhibitionists produced by Mercedes Grundy, filmmaker Lisa Wu takes us inside Bychkova’s studio for an intimate look at her process and the inspiration behind her powerful work. [source: CBC Arts]

Click on the left image below to read our article on the blog to visit her homepage click on the small image below right.

Enchanted Doll, Marina Bychkova Enchanted Doll, Marina Bychkova

Le Clitoris, an animation

“Women are lucky, they get to have the only organ in the human body dedicated exclusively for pleasure: the clitoris! In this humorous and instructive animated documentary, find out its unrecognized anatomy and its unknown herstory.”

“Les femmes sont chanceuses, elles possèdent le seul organe du corps humain qui sert uniquement au plaisir: le clitoris! Dans ce documentaire animé drôle et instructif, découvrez son anatomie ignorée et son histoire méconnue.”

Technique : gouache on paper / 2D digital
Graduation film, Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema, Concordia University (Montreal, Canada)
© Lori Malépart-Traversy 2016

Awards :
-Winner Best Student International Short Film (Animasivo 2016)
-Winner Best Animated Film (Festival du Film Étudiant de Québec 2017)
-Winner Audience Award – Best Documentary (Chicago Feminist Film Festival 2017)
-Winner Audience Award – Best Short Film (Festival Vues d’en face 2017)
-Winner Audience Award (Womanimation 2016)
-Prix de la Cinémathèque Québécoise pour l’Excellence en cinéma d’animation (Concordia Awards 2016)
-Honourable Mention for Best Canadian Student Animation (Ottawa Animation Festival 2016)
-Honourable Mention for Audience Award (TAIS 2016)
-Honourable Mention (Cabbagetown Short Film Festival 2016)
-Honourable Mention for Best Sound (Concordia Film Fe

Festivals selections :
-Turku Animation Film Festival 2017 (Turku, Finland)
-Anibar International Aniamtion Festival 2017 (Peja, Kosovo)
-Guanajuato International Film Festival 2017 (Guanajuato, Mexico)
-FILE Festival 2017 (São Paulo, Brazil)
-Fantasia International Film Festival 2017 (Montréal, Canada)
-Festival du Film d’Animation de Savigny 2017 (Savigny, Suisse)
-Festival du Film de Fesses 2017 (Paris, France)
-Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2017 (Annecy, France)
-Animafest Zagreb 2017 (Zabreb, Croatia)
-Imaginaria Festival 2017 (Binéfar, Spain)
-Seoul International Women’s Film Festival 2017 (Seoul, Korea)
-Anifilm 2017 (Třeboň, Czech Republic)
-Ciné-club Caserne 45 2017 (Montréal, Canada)
-Kyev International Short Film Festival 2017 (Kiev, Ukraine)
-Festival 48 images secondes 2017 (Florac, France)
-Festival Vues d’en face 2017 (Grenoble, France)
-Short Waves Festival 2017 (Poznań, Poland)
-Festival du Film Étudiant de Québec 2017 (Québec, Canada)
-Monstra Animation Festival 2017 (Lisbon, Portugal)
-Glasgow Short Film Festival 2017 (Glasgow, Scotland)
-Queer Loox 2017 (Luxembourg)
-Glitoris – Art Gallery Benefit (New York, NY, USA)
-Red Dawns International Feminist and Queer Festival 2017 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
-Anim!Arte International Student Animation Festival 2017 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
-Lviv International Short Film Festival Wiz-Art 2017 (Lviv, Ukraine)
-Court Spira Court : Spécial 8 mars 2017 (Québec, Canada)
-Ciné-Club Cégep de Jonquière 2017 (Jonquière, Canada)
-Animac 2017 (Catalunya, Spain)
-Chicago Feminist Film Festival 2017 (Chicago, IL, USA)
-Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois 2017 (Montréal, Canada)
-International Film Festival ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA 2017 (Jelenia Góra, Poland)
-Les Vidéophages 2017 (Toulouse, France)
-Festival International de films “Elles Tournent” 2017 (Bruxelles, Belgium)
-Animateka 2016 (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
-Equality Festival 2016 (Kiev, Ukraine)
-International Short & Independent Film Festival 2016 (Dhaka, Bangladesh)
-Anilogue International Animation Festival 2016 (Budapest, Hungary)
-Animage International Animation Festival of Pernambuco 2016 (Recife, Brazil)
-GIRAF Animation Festival 2016 (Calgary, Canada)
-Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation 2016 (Montréal, Canada)
-CutOut Fest 2016 (Querétaro, Mexico)
-Festival du Court-Métrage d’Auch 2016 (Auch, France)
-DOK Leipzig 2016 (Leipzig, Germany)
-Part of the exhibition of Festival Cineffable 2016 (Paris, France)
-KLIK! Animation Festival 2016 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
-Anima Mundi 2016 (Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo, Brazil)
-Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival 2016 (Grand Rapids, MI, USA)
-Tofuzi International Festival of Animated Films 2016 (Tbilisi, Georgia)
-Anim’est 2016 (Bucharest, Romania)
-Factual Animation Film Fuss 2016 (London, UK)
-KROK International Animated Films Festival 2016 (Russia)
-Animasivo 2016 (Mexico City, Mexico)
-Libelula Animation Festival 2016 (Barcelona, Spain)
-Femmes en résistance – Festival féministe de documentaires 2016 (Paris, France)
-Anima Syros 2016 (Syros, Greece)
-Ottawa International Animation Festival 2016 (Ottawa, Canada)
-Festival International du Film d’animation de Paris 2016 (Paris, France)
-Milano Film Festival 2016 (Milan, Italy)
-World Festival of Animated Film 2016 (Varna, Bulgaria)
-Cabbagetown Short Film Festival 2016 (Toronto, Canada)
-Brand New Blinkers 2016 (London, UK)
-TAIS Animation Showcase 2016 (Toronto, Canada)
-Womanimation 2016 (Providence, RI, USA)
-Art All Night Film Festival 2016 (Trenton, NJ, USA)
Film website : lorimalepart-clitoris.tumblr.com

Reproductive Freedom and Protest Features

Handmaid's Tale Protest Washington

Why women are dressing up as Margaret Atwood’s Handmaids?

Margaret Atwood’s novel The Handmaid’s Tale has remained popular since its publication in 1985. It has been translated into dozens of languages, made into a film in 1990, and even became a ballet and an opera. It is read in schools the world over. Most recently, there has been a new wave of interest in the dystopian story thanks to the TV adaptation by MGM and Hulu. However, it isn’t… Read More »


Pink Tax Women Pay More: What’s up with that?

The disparity isn’t limited to salaries, women are often even charged more for many products cutting into their earnings.

List: All Women & Girls Articles


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