Yoga Asana – 3 legged downward dog

3 legged dog Infographic

Recently I was excited to celebrate my 2 year anniversary of my return to yoga. I still have a ‘fluffy belly’ but my level of fitness & flexibility has increased and I no longer suffer from migraines (which were caused by menopause.) Some days are more challenging than others. Here is the 3 legged dog infographic that I created so we can learn together.

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You can download the infographic here and be sure to link back to PCs right click to download, Macs ctrl+click for menu of options to save.

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A lot of people write about how yoga has transformed their lives and it is a practice that can change your life. Sometime in the future, I’ll get to writing about that experience. The healing it provided or should I say provides regularly has inspired me to share what I’m learning.

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